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Model: Minka
"This scene is really a dream scenario. Just imagine: You look out the window and one of your favorite porn stars ever is moving in next door. Not some noisy 20-year-olds. Not some dirtbags who'll never water their lawn and are gonna blast music at all hours of the evening. Minka. The world's bustiest Asian. A girl who will one day be a member of the SCORE Big-Boob Hall of Fame. Minka is 33 years older than the guy she's with here. His name is Peter. He steps outside his house and spots a woman with super-mega-giant knockers taking boxes out of a car and bringing them into the house next door. He recognizes her immediately. He runs over, losing his mind but seizing the moment. Minka is about to get more boxes when she hears Peter knocking on the door. He stammers that he's a huge fan and asks if she needs help. Minka asks him if he means the boxes or with "these," putting her hands on her tits. She tells him to move the boxes to another room and also tells him to keep his eyes on the boxes, not her chest. But, of course, she has her eyes on his cock, and before long, the new neighbors are getting to know each other a lot better. Minka told us how she got into adult modeling back in 1994. "One day I was playing in the Asian Olympic Games in Chicago, and my friend, a plastic surgeon, and I were showering together and she said to me, 'Why don't you get into men's magazines? Don't teach tennis. How much money can you make teaching tennis?' "I didn't even know about the magazines. I had never seen them. I sent three Polaroid pictures to SCORE. In all the pictures, I had a natural smile on my face. "So the SCORE photographer got the pictures, then he called my house. He said, 'An airplane ticket is going to be at your house in one or two days. I want you to come to England.' So I went to England. And he took a test picture and said I would be on the cover, and then he said that I would be a feature dancer. I didn't know how to dance that way. I didn't know how to sing. I didn't know how to take off my clothes for men. But I knew how to smile, and I learned what to do. And it was going to be the first time an Asian girl was on the cover. That was very important to me." Over the years, Minka super-sized gradually. Today, her tits measure 44KK. As this scene proves, she's still going strong."
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