Naughty Office

Jade Kush knows exactly what her boss wants her ass in his face. His remarks and requests are so blatantly horny that she can`t help but always wonder what`s going to happen next. Her friend tells her she should report it to HR, but Jade tells her that it actually makes her horny, and that the next time he makes a pass at her, she`s going to make him put his money where his cock is. So she does. The busty Asian catches her boss red handed and tells him he`s either going to give her what she wants or she goes straight to HR. But she isn`t threatening him for money; no, Jade wants to see if her boss is willing and able to live up to his actions. So off comes his belt at her behest, and on it goes to his wrists, now bound in leather so she can get just what she wants his big fat dick in her mouth. Jade goes from being her boss`s meek underling to his sex overlord in a matter of seconds. Let`s see if he can last longer than that!

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